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    The Invitation Of Joinkona Medical For The 127th Session Canton Fair

    News source: Release time:[2020-06-17]

    Dear friendsand partners,
    We treasure every opportunity to meet with you, From 15thJune-24th June 2020, we will be exhibiting and live at the Chinaimport and export Fair online. We sincerely invite you to visit our Livingstudio online.  

    Booth No. :  10.2K10

    Main products:  Surgical Gown | Protective Coverall |Isolation Gown | Surgical Pack

    Live broadcasttime: 15:00-16:00pm, 21:00-22:00pm every day

    You mayneed click here to register as buyer first.

    Henan JoinkonaMedical Products Stock Co., Ltd

    ProfessonalManufacturer Of Disposable Non-woven Medical Products

    Expertsin supplying of COVID-19 epidemic prevention products around the world

    Web: www.yeyoungtea.com    Tel: 0375-5614666   Email: marketing@joinkona.com

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